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Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership coaching looks to help business owners and their teams thrive.
I’ve spent my career helping people improve their body, mind and souls with a positive energy and now helping further business leadership skills.
I help companies create a positive coaching culture and also teach leaders and managers to gain coaching skills so they can create value within their teams.


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 Positive Leadership Certified Coach and reaches her clients with infectious energy and a deep understanding of what they need, with the mission of empowering leaders to step up and speak out Specialises in working with organisations and individuals to release potential and maximise performance. I provide leadership, culture change and team building consultancy and training for organisations and individuals, coaching and mentoring for teams and individuals, and group facilitation. Positive Leadership provides a holistic and strategic as well as pragmatic approach based on a combination of transparent communication, engagement and creating an environment of trust and teamwork.

Sandy Donnelly
“Sandy brings expertise, curiosity, and a growth mindset to every coaching session”
Positive Leadership

Supercharge leaders to gain greater clarity and vision, strengthen purpose and deepen connections. Specialise in helping leaders and senior professionals during challenging periods of change - to move from overwhelm and mental stress, to confidence, resilience, mental strength and clear-headed productivity.

Learning and Development programs incorporating focused Communication Skills training and dynamic Team Building experiences

HR Consultancy

HR support, including management effectiveness workshops.
Positive Warrior Leaders is an innovative HR consultancy that works collaboratively with your business to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, fast. We take a birds-eye view of your business to identify key areas to support moving your business forward.

Life Coaching

Our growth program is unlike any other because we personalize it to each individual or business. This enables them to not only achieve their current goals but surpass them.

It is my passion, and this is something that my clients benefit from, passion, energy and a full focus on their objective.

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