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Women Warriors Network

Professional Entrepreneur and Executive Women in Business.

Connect, Contribute and develop relationships.  UK, Monaco, Jersey, UAE Saudi Arabia Women Warriors help you believe in your dream and give perspective to the decisions and challenges ahead. We want this to be a platform to share your stories/business.

Men who support and attend our events very welcome. 

Learn critical skills to develop and maintain a broad network of 'Business Friendships'

Our Services

Our Services

Bringing ambitious women together to network, learn and grow. Whether you’re a female leader running your own business, or a woman in a leadership role.


Monthly engaging events with key speakers, online and in person. 


Business growth and leadership topics with our female leaders to help you work through any blockers to growth, goals and Challenges. 


Support your local community. Connect you to people and ideas that will positively impact your perspective for the rest of your life. 

Learning & Resources

We host masterclasses, run online events, share resources, providing you with all of the learning tools that have helped us not only scale our business, but also become successful female leaders.

Corporate Memberships

Looking for ways to strengthen your brand and attract more women in the workplace? Want to position yourself as a purpose-driven organisation committed to gender equality and women empowerment?


Global Inspirational Speakers have motivated and educated us on a number of topics and industries. 

Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UK, Monaco, Netherlands, USA, United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Kuwait, Ireland, India, Jersey, Spain. 


“Women Warriors Network has given us a platform to share our knowledge and empower women globally”

Nadine Van Dongen
MD of PIP Health

Ready to find out more?

Contact us if you wish to get involved as a Woman in business, sponsor events or as a speaker.

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